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Container Tilters

Bulk Handling Solutions have developed a fast, efficient, safe, and very cost efficient system for off loading containers and inverting them to the delivery vehicle in a matter of minutes.

Our equipment is capable of safely handling 20ft and 40ft containers based on a maximum operating load of 30,000 kg.



Standard Truck Trailer Model                              Truck trailer, Dual Forklift, and Straddle lift         Truck trailer Drive through


Truck Trailer Drive through , forklift,                    Forklift, Straddle lift, Swing lift combination         40 foot Trailer Loader or Unloader

and Straddle lift   combination




A Container Tilter Loading cycle is:

• Container delivery vehicle reverses into the Container Tilter apparatus.

• Adjustable rams at each corner locate the container and are locked into position and the container is removed from
 the transporting trailer, the vehicle then drives forward away from the Container Tilter apparatus.

• The container door opening and closing device is attached to the doors and the container doors open and close hydraulically by remote control.

• The tilting mechanism is operated moving the container through 90 degrees to the vertical for loading to commence.

• During the loading process the weight is accurately relayed via four in-built load cells to a digital read-out for the
operator to monitor.

• Once loaded and the desired payload weight is achieved, the operator closes the doors via the remote control.

• The container is then returned to the horizontal, the delivery vehicle reversed in through the guides and the full
container is lowered back onto the trailer.

• The entire cycle is controlled by one operator, with a radio remote control unit which has weight display options.

• Loading at 90 degree angle ensures maximum product density, reducing your Freight costs.